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==Hola muchacho ==
No se si me entienda, pero debes proteger la portada, es decir bloquearla para que no se pueda, revertí un vandalismo de página. plagada de span. [ Protect the Ĉefpaĝo]. --[[Vikipediisto:|]] 22:35, 26. Maj 2005 (UTC) [[es:Usuario:Unnio]]
== Request for bot flag : [[User:DragonBot|DragonBot]] ==
Hello, I am operator of a bot, DragonBot, and would like to have the bot flag. Here are some details about the bot, feel free to ask any questions!
* Operator : [[User:Chtit draco|Chtit draco]]
* Purpose : Adding interwiki links.
* Script used : pywikipedia
* Already has the bot flag on : fr,de,en,pl,sl,bg,hu,ja,no,gl,he,it,tr,sv,nl,bs,el,zh,ku
* I have run the bot for foolproofing, you can see its edits [[Special:Contributions/DragonBot|here]]!
Thanks! [[Vikipediisto:Chtit draco|Chtit draco]] 06:56, 9. Sep 2007 (UTC)