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00:52, 15 dec. 2020 (UTC)
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== [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News/2020/52|Tech News: 2020-52]] ==
<section begin="technews-2020-W52"/><div class="plainlinks mw-content-ltr" lang="en" dir="ltr"><div class="plainlinks">
Latest '''[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News|tech news]]''' from the Wikimedia technical community. Please tell other users about these changes. Not all changes will affect you. [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News/2020/52|Translations]] are available.
'''Tech News'''
* Because of the [[w:en:Christmas and holiday season|holidays]] the next issue of Tech News will be sent out on 11 January 2021.
'''Recent changes'''
* The <code><nowiki>{{citation needed}}</nowiki></code> template shows when a statement in a Wikipedia article needs a source. If you click on it when you edit with the visual editor there is a popup that explains this. Now it can also show the reason and when it was added. []
'''Changes later this week'''
* There is no new MediaWiki version this week or next week.
'''Future changes'''
* You can [[m:WMDE Technical Wishes/Geoinformation/Ideas|propose and discuss]] what technical improvements should be done for geographic information. This could be coordinates, maps or other related things.
* Some wikis use [[mw:Writing systems/LanguageConverter|LanguageConverter]] to switch between writing systems or variants of a language. This can only be done for the entire page. There will be a <code><nowiki><langconvert></nowiki></code> tag that can convert a piece of text on a page. []
* Oversighters and stewards can hide entries in [[Special:AbuseLog|Special:AbuseLog]]. They can soon hide multiple entries at once using checkboxes. This works like hiding normal edits. It will happen in early January. []
'''''[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News|Tech news]]''' prepared by [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News/Writers|Tech News writers]] and posted by [[m:Special:MyLanguage/User:MediaWiki message delivery|bot]] • [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News#contribute|Contribute]] • [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News/2020/52|Translate]] • [[m:Tech|Get help]] • [[m:Talk:Tech/News|Give feedback]] • [[m:Global message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors|Subscribe or unsubscribe]].''
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