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|origina teksto=During the darkest days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, when Republicans and religious conservatives controlled the federal government and were doing everything in their power to harm the sick and dying, queers organized and protested and volunteered and mourned. We also made music and theater and art. We took care of each other, and we danced and loved and fucked. Embracing joy and art and sex in the face of fear and uncertainty made us feel better—it kept us sane—and it had the added benefit of driving our enemies crazy. They couldn’t understand how we could be anything but miserable, given the challenges we faced—their greed, their indifference, their bigotry—but we created and experienced joy despite their hatred and despite this awful disease. We turned to each other—we turned to our lovers and friends and sometimes strangers—and said, 'Fuck them. Now fuck me.'
|aŭtoro=[[Dan Savage]]}}
{{Citaĵo|teksto=[[Ĝojo|Gaje]], triste; triste, gaje. Sed ne necesas tamen malesperiĝi ĝis je la fino staras: gaje.
|verko=''Leteroj al onklino'' (1882)
|originala teksto=Весело, грустно; грустно, весело. Но приходить в отчаяние все-таки не следует, покуда на конце стоит: весело.}}
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